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About Mille Fleurs

Hello, lovely to meet you!

We are Rogier and Fleur Receveur-Payens. In 2003, Fleur moved to live in the Voer-region in a beautiful house that used to function as the village school and town hall. From day one, she began restoring the site with absolute dedication to and respect for its historical value.

We have always enjoyed welcoming people to our home. We love seeing people enjoy the stunning environment and this amazing house where everyone feels at home.

We also love walking with our children in the surrounding area. We drop by on our neighbours to cuddle the calves and kittens and see the syrup being prepared with fruit from the local trees. The trout farm is also a favourite, possibly because you can also have a nice bite to eat.


There are many restaurants in the local area where you can enjoy regional products such as vineyard snails, cheese and syrup. You can also taste the delicious wine from the Voer-region hills.

After many years of renovation, we realised our dream with guest house ‘Mille Fleurs’. Mille Fleurs literally means "a thousand flowers" in French and refers to the background which was used in Medieval wall hangings which incorporated numerous embroidered flowers and plants. These flowers and plants fill up the gap between the figures that played the main roles on the wall hangings. That is, essentially, what we wish to achieve with Mille Fleurs; adding an experience to your life, in an enriching setting that surrounds you with beauty.

We hope to see you soon in Mille Fleurs.

Warm regards, Rogier and Fleur

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