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Mille Fleurs has a range of accommodation options. The characteristic site includes the former school and town hall, and the teacher’s residence in the picturesque village of Sint-Pieters-Voeren in the rural Voer-region.

The old school and town hall
On the ground floor, there is a spacious loft, Loft Lavande, in the former classroom. On the first floor, there are 2 apartments Lis and Bouton d’Or which are easily accessed via a stairwell. The village town hall was once located here.

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Loft Lavande

Modern loft with enormous kitchen and stunning view of the fruit trees and the castle Commanderie.

1-6 persons

Apartment Bouton d'Or

The sunniest of the apartments located on the first floor. View over the meadows dotted with fruit trees.

1-2 persons

Apartment Lis

Comfortable apartment on the first floor. Beautiful view of the surroundings and the Castle.

1-2 persons

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